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After almost 40 years in nursing and financial services, we decided to make our dream come true, move to Spain to enjoy life, people, culture and climate there. Not only that, but to make that possible for others. Besides enjoying ourselves, we have focused on buying a property in which we can also rent out a number of apartments. It keeps us active and also provides new and nice contacts every time. And....... how much more fun can people have than during their vacation? So it becomes a bit of our vacation too.

Obviously quite a decision, but not entirely unexpected for many people around us. And certainly not for us. This move has come up many times in recent years, but do you dare/do it and what is a suitable moment? Of course, also for business, but certainly more so for private matters.

Hoe dan ook een heel nieuwe ervaring, maar mede gebaseerd op wat we al bijna 30 jaar meemaken tijdens onze eigen vakanties in deze schitterende streek.  Zelf lezen, wandelen en fietsen we graag. Berend “slaat graag een balletje” (golf) en José maakt haar eigen teddyberen.