Los-Olivos is centrally located amidst 9 golf courses that can be reached within 3 quarters of an hour. In the spring and fall, these courses are perfect to play and the temperature, at around 20-25 °C, is very suitable for booking a starting time at any time of the day. In winter it is usually great to play as well. Almost always dry, often sunny and a temperature of 15-20 °C, but in July and August the advice is to start early. After about 11 o'clock the courts are usually empty. Just too hot.
A list of all courts in the area (and beyond) can be found here.
Of course you can bring your own clubs. Sometimes you can rent some at a course. But if you fly into Alicante, you can reserve your clubs there and have them set up. You can also use a pick-up and drop-off service. Can you play with your own clubs.


Whether you can hike there, some hiking friends asked us when it became clear what we had in mind. With several 100-thirds of kilometers of hiking, climbing and scrambling trails, usually well marked, and a very suitable climate, it is an excellent environment for daily hikes if need be. All year round. There are all kinds of difficulty levels. Examples can be found at Wikiloc. We have already made a selection for you. Many walks start from Los-Olivos. And of course it is for anyone who is physically fit and has an average condition a nice challenge to once the Penon Ifach to climb.


Wat voor wandelen geldt, geldt ook voor fietsen. We wisten al dat veel van de grote professionele teams in Calpe en omstreken in de winter en het voorjaar neerstrijken om daar te trainen voor het aankomende seizoen, maar dat we, bijvoorbeeld al in februari, te midden van deze profteams nog meer amateurs zagen rijden…. dat verraste ons echt. Uiteraard kan er het hele jaar gefietst worden, maar we adviseren je om eerst flink aan je conditie te werken voor een tocht in juli of augustus. Op Strava vindt de fietser en wielrenner honderden ritten die hier gemaakt kunnen worden.

Of course, you can bring your own bike, even by plane. There and back for usually just under €100 and a mandatory reusable box of about €40. If you find that inconvenient, use a pick-up and drop-off service if necessary. Renting locally is usually a much better solution. Take just your shoes, for example. There are plenty of options. Even during your cycling vacation, with or without a support car, you can be guided for a (small) fee. Of course we have contacts for this. For example with Alta Bike Rental.
From € 25, - p / d you rent a new road bike, whether or not equipped with a small battery, comfortable uphill, or a regular touring bike with battery. The bikes are, based on your information, delivered to Los-Olivos fully adjusted and also collected again. More information can be found on 


The Costa Blanca can be a surprise to many. Sometimes you discover things by chance, but many also come here with a special purpose. For example, for climbers, the interior is a paradise. That starts just a few kilometers from the famous villages and beaches. If you want to know more about the possibilities. or if you want to have an introduction to climbing, you can find most of the information on the site of the Sergi Denia at


It's great snorkeling on the Costa Blanca, but there are also many opportunities to really explore the world underwater. Make a test dive and get your Padi within a week. You can already start with your theory at home. For the experienced diver there is much to discover on the Costa Blanca. Choose from a number of schools around Calpe: